Minutes of Unit 354 Board Meeting January 9, 2024

NOTE: For the benefit of our new Board Members, and as a refresher for our veterans, please note that “minutes” are not meant to be a transcript of the meeting. What is required is to note attendees, status of Quorum, start and end times and the results of any vote. The minutes that follow continue our (common) practice of noting significant discussions or happenings, in addition to the required items.

The meeting was called to Order a few minutes after 4 PM by our President, Harv Sidhu. Excused & absent were: Carol Urben, Judy Gangi.

The President made several announcements and greeted and welcomed all our new Board members, noting that the “west side” had been too long underrepresented, and that the new Board reflects a change to that history.

The Annual Party will be March 3 at Bridge on Shea as we continue to rotate this event among the clubs large enough to accommodate it. In 2025, we hope to hold this in the west valley.

A unit email has been established – acblunit354@gmail.com

Harv reviewed the Unit’s Charter and key objectives:

  • Promote Duplicate Bridge;
  • Conduct Tournaments;
  • Use our non-profit status and resources to benefit the membership.

A motion was made by Harv and seconded by Ken to accept the Minutes of the last meeting. This was passed by acclamation.

Harv has continued to expand and improve upon the President’s Guide, started by our past President, Ken Titow. The objective of this Guide is to provide a comprehensive and single source of information so that new officers and Board members know what is expected of them and have a source to find out what, and how, to perform all the needed activities to make the Unit run successfully. All committee chairs should document their activities (how to’s) and timelines, and these will be incorporated into the President’s Guide as appropriate.

Harv noted that the Board is required to hold a minimum of six meetings per year, and that we generally hold more than that. Our next meeting will be at 10 am on March 3, just before the Annual Party.

Anne West presented the Financial Report showing approximately $136,000 in assets at this time. A motion was made by Ken and seconded by Julie that the Financial Report be accepted as submitted. This was passed by acclamation.

There was a lengthy discussion regarding “free plays” for 0-10 MP holders and the best way to promote attendance at the Supervised Bid and Play (SBP) games. In the end, a compromise motion was made by Julie and seconded by Ken as follows:

  • We will continue to allow 0-10 MP holders to play for free;
  • We will provide a “coupon” for all people paying to attend the SBP at the August Regional that will allow them to play one session for free in the 0-300 game at that same regional.

This motion was passed by acclamation.

Harv solicited volunteers and the following Committee Chair assignments were announced:

  • Discipline (Conduct & Ethics)- Jerry
  • Education – Judy
  • Membership – Perry
  • Publicity – Sharon and Michael
  • Partnership – Marsha (she now has the phone)
  • Tournaments – Julie/Joanne
  • Nominations – Harv
  • Audit – Ken
  • Charity – Jerry
  • Records – Harv
  • Marketing – Sharon 

The ACBL requires these be reported on the appropriate forms and Harv will take care of that. 

Miscellaneous Items

  • Perry suggested that all board members look at page 7 of January ACBL magazine or letters in first and third columns pertaining to hiring of directors and handling of room reservations.
  • Both Ken and Harv will be out of the country from January 13 until the end of February. We will both have intermittent access to email, but in the interim, Julie Bosserman has been appointed acting President with the authority to conduct business in our absence.
  • Anne volunteered as Coordinator for the Unit & Split Games
  • Sharon volunteered to explore alternative sites on the west side for the Regional as we have no commitments beyond 2024 with Talking Stick.

The meeting was Adjourned at ~6PM

Submitted by Kenneth Titow, temporary Secretary.

70% Game Winners in 2023

70% Game Winner at Valley of the Sun Duplicate Bridge Club in Peoria, AZ on November 13, 2023

                                                 Murray Cutten and Diane Hershberger, 70.39%


70% Game Winner at Valley of the Sun Duplicate Bridge Club in Peoria, AZ on November 20, 2023

Murray Cutten (left)  and Rod Bias, 71.21%


70% Game Winner at Valley of the Sun Duplicate Bridge Club in Peoria, AZ.  On October 2, 2023

Rod Bias And Jacqie Rose 71 Percent Oct 2 2023

Jacquie Rose and Rodney Bias, 71.53%

Results for NLM Gold Rush Regional, April 28-30, 2023, Fountain Hills, AZ

Overall Winners

Friday, April 28, 10am, NLM Stratified Pairs:  David Bosserman, Julie Bosserman
Friday, April 28, 3pm, Gold Rush Pairs:  Ed Arthur, Judith Hawk
Saturday, April 29, 10am NML Stratified Pairs: Patricia Finkle, Pepita Johansen
Saturday, April 29, 3pm  Gold Rush Pairs: Michael Olson, Alice Olson
Sunday, April 30, Gold Rush Swiss Teams: Craig Holstad, James Libby, Cynthia Cantor, Garry Keister

Results for additional placements and Section Winners can be found on the ACBL website.

Results for Silver Sun Sectional, April 28-30, 2023, Fountain Hills, AZ

Overall Winners

Friday, April 28, 10am, Open Pairs:  Leon Lowe, Jerry Gaer
Friday, April 28, 3pm, Open Pairs:  Paul Spear, Harvinder Sidhu
Friday, April 28, 10am, Bracketed Teams 1:  Mark Litterman, Sudhakar Divakaruni, Buzz Farnes, Oris Mowry
Friday, April 28,10am, Bracketed Teams 2:   Anita McClintock, Barbara Leavitt, Stephanie Haddy, David Divine
Saturday, April 29, 10am Open Pairs: Jim Lenertz, Dena Goldston
Saturday, April 29, 3pm Open Pairs: Mark Litterman, Oris Mowry
Sunday, April 30, Open Bracketed Teams 1: Louis Quiggle, Harvinder Sidhu, Jerry Gaer, Leon Lowe
Sunday,April 30,  Open Bracketed Teams 2: Barrie Tankel, Donna Marino, Geoffrey, Stokes, Douglas Smith
Sunday, April 30, Open Bracketed Teams 3: Anita McClintock, Barbara Leavitt, Julie Bosserman, Jo Lindamood

Results for additional placements and Section Winners can be found on the ACBL website.

Esperanca Charity Fundraiser

January, 2023

Email to Unit 354 Members:

The Unit 354 Board of Directors recently agreed to support Esperança as our official charity for 2023.

Esperança partners with indigenous organizations to provide surgical treatments to vulnerable populations. Many of the surgeries treat children with congenital deformities and our support will be more focused in this area. This is a noble cause that can be pivotal in altering the course of the lives of these unfortunate children who are essentially helpless.

To kick off this year-round initiative, there will be a special Charity game at 12 noon on Sunday, Feb 19, 2023  at Bridge on Shea. The Unit will provide organizational and financial assistance for this event as well as for similar events that other clubs may organize for this charity during the rest of the year.

Bridge on Shea in Scottsdale has graciously offered their premises and Directing of this first event free of charge. The Unit will provide lunch snacks and beverages. All you have to do is register ($25 per person) and come join us to support this worthy cause.

It takes approximately $120 to cover the miscellaneous accessories needed for a surgical procedure. Personnel and premises costs are covered by volunteers who pay their own transportation and housing. That means ZERO overhead. Just imagine that a mere $120 will have a dramatic effect in the life of a child, because all of the funds go directly to the actual work performed. Anyone who donates $120 or more will get an honorable mention during the game and will also receive a picture of the child whose life you changed. There will also be various winner prizes and giveaways.

Our goal for 2023 is to raise $10,000. If we attain that goal, Dr. Sachs – one of the lead surgeons on these missions – has agreed to match that amount personally. I am confident we can do this with your kind support. For more details about this charity, please visit www.esperanca.org.

– Harv Sidhu, Unit 354 Board President

March, 2023

Almost $5,000 was contributed at the February 19, 2023 event.   Below are some photos from the event.

April, 2023

Unit 354 raised $419 for Esperanca (now called “Advance”)  during the April tournament for a total of $6931 raised towards our goal of $10,000.

Esperanca Charity Event Feb. 19, 2023
Long Shot
Esperanca Charity Event Feb. 19, 2023
Joann And Ken Titow Overall Winners
Joann and Ken Titow – Overall Winners
Anita And Kathy Booby Prize Winners
Kathy Ashby and Anita McClintock – Booby Prize Winners

2023 Unit Games

Unit Games Schedule
2023 – 1st Half

• 8th, Sunday, L2301354A, Single Site Champ – Annual Mtg
• 13th, Friday, UJ2301354A, Unit Junior Fund
• 23rd, Monday, L2301354B, Split-Site Championship
• 8th, Wednesday, L2302354A, Split-Site Championship
• 13th, Monday, UG2302354B, Unit Grass Roots Fund
• 23rd, Thursday, L2302354B, Split-Site Championship
• 20th, Monday, L2303354A, Split-Site Championship
• 31st, Friday, L2303354B, Split-Site Championship
• 12th, Wednesday, L2304354A, Split-Site Championship
• 20th, Thursday, L2304354B, Split-Site Championship
• 8th, Monday, L2305354A, Split-Site Championship
• 19th, Friday, L2305354B, Split-Site Championship
• 14th, Wednesday, L2306354A, Split-Site Championship
• 29th, Thursday, L2306354B, Split-Site Championship

2023 – 2nd half

To be announced.

70% Game Winners in 2021

Mary Rehfeldt & Debbie Reichow 72.08%
August 3, 2021 In Tempo Bridge Club

Mary Rehfeldt & Kathye Brown 73.21%
August 18, 2021 In Tempo Bridge Club

Ron Ashbacker & Gary Roberts0n 70.19%
August 25, 2021 In Tempo Bridge Club

 Peter Bronstein  & Murali Nair 71.13%
September 1, 2021  In Tempo Bridge Club








2023 Phoenix Winter Sectional Winners and Photos

Winners and Photos 

2023 Phoenix Winter Sectional

January 27-29, 2023, Fountain Hills,AZ


Friday, Jan. 27th 10am Open Pairs


Patricia Turborg, Paula Cohen (no photo available)


 Friday, Jan. 27th 2:30pm Open Pairs

Markland Jones, Jerry Gaer


Friday, Jan. 27th 10:00am 299ers

Colin Ives, Irmin Roberts (no photo available)


Friday, Jan. 27th 2:30pm 299ers

Janice Skinner, Bruce Dishman


Friday, Jan. 27th Bracketed Swiss Teams Flight A

Linda Mitchell, Kenneth Titow, Suzette Wynn, Fred Batko


Friday, Jan. 27th Bracketed Swiss Teams Flight B

Harvey Lowe, Cheryl Verlander, Shari Smart, Frank Bost


Friday, Jan. 27th Bracketed Swiss Teams Flight C

James Kemps, Denise Lott, Robert Vockrodt, Carol Ritter(no photo available)


Saturday, Jan 28th Overall Pairs

Gayle Covey, Steven Devico (no photo available)


Saturday, Jan 28th 10:00am 299ers

Gordon Tam, Yogi Patel


Saturday, Jan 28th 2:30pm  299ers

James Baird, Robert Hagerman (no photo available)


Saturday, Jan 28th  Stratified Swiss Teams

Susan Kraght, Louis Quiggle, Shari Smart, Syle Rockoff


Sunday, Jan 29th Bracketed Round Robin Teams Flight A

Harvinder Sidhu, Kenneth Titow, Bruce Silverstein, Markland Jones


Sunday, Jan 29th Bracketed Round Robin Teams Flight B

Mary Rehfelt, Joane Beuchel, Richard Palmer, Carol Johns


Sunday, Jan 29th Bracketed Round Robin Teams Flight C (tie)

Fred Smith, Linda Smith, Pauline Boyd, Rick Boyd



Sunday, Jan 29th Bracketed Round Robin Teams Flight C (tie)

Paul Beeb, Kay Beeb, Shari Smart, Paul Harris


Sunday, Jan 29th Bracketed Round Robin Teams Flight D

Anita McClintock, Julie Bosserman, Jo Lindamood , Barbara Leavitt (not pictured)


Sunday, Jan 29th Bracketed Round Robin Teams Flight E

Matthew Farber, Barbara Rothman, Neil Goldstein, Sondra Myers (no phot available)



Mark DuCharme

Anita McClintock


Gail Mattson