Results for Silver Sun Sectional, April 28-30, 2023, Fountain Hills, AZ

Overall Winners

Friday, April 28, 10am, Open Pairs:  Leon Lowe, Jerry Gaer
Friday, April 28, 3pm, Open Pairs:  Paul Spear, Harvinder Sidhu
Friday, April 28, 10am, Bracketed Teams 1:  Mark Litterman, Sudhakar Divakaruni, Buzz Farnes, Oris Mowry
Friday, April 28,10am, Bracketed Teams 2:   Anita McClintock, Barbara Leavitt, Stephanie Haddy, David Divine
Saturday, April 29, 10am Open Pairs: Jim Lenertz, Dena Goldston
Saturday, April 29, 3pm Open Pairs: Mark Litterman, Oris Mowry
Sunday, April 30, Open Bracketed Teams 1: Louis Quiggle, Harvinder Sidhu, Jerry Gaer, Leon Lowe
Sunday,April 30,  Open Bracketed Teams 2: Barrie Tankel, Donna Marino, Geoffrey, Stokes, Douglas Smith
Sunday, April 30, Open Bracketed Teams 3: Anita McClintock, Barbara Leavitt, Julie Bosserman, Jo Lindamood

Results for additional placements and Section Winners can be found on the ACBL website.