Esperanca Charity Fundraiser

January, 2023

Email to Unit 354 Members:

The Unit 354 Board of Directors recently agreed to support Esperança as our official charity for 2023.

Esperança partners with indigenous organizations to provide surgical treatments to vulnerable populations. Many of the surgeries treat children with congenital deformities and our support will be more focused in this area. This is a noble cause that can be pivotal in altering the course of the lives of these unfortunate children who are essentially helpless.

To kick off this year-round initiative, there will be a special Charity game at 12 noon on Sunday, Feb 19, 2023  at Bridge on Shea. The Unit will provide organizational and financial assistance for this event as well as for similar events that other clubs may organize for this charity during the rest of the year.

Bridge on Shea in Scottsdale has graciously offered their premises and Directing of this first event free of charge. The Unit will provide lunch snacks and beverages. All you have to do is register ($25 per person) and come join us to support this worthy cause.

It takes approximately $120 to cover the miscellaneous accessories needed for a surgical procedure. Personnel and premises costs are covered by volunteers who pay their own transportation and housing. That means ZERO overhead. Just imagine that a mere $120 will have a dramatic effect in the life of a child, because all of the funds go directly to the actual work performed. Anyone who donates $120 or more will get an honorable mention during the game and will also receive a picture of the child whose life you changed. There will also be various winner prizes and giveaways.

Our goal for 2023 is to raise $10,000. If we attain that goal, Dr. Sachs – one of the lead surgeons on these missions – has agreed to match that amount personally. I am confident we can do this with your kind support. For more details about this charity, please visit

– Harv Sidhu, Unit 354 Board President

March, 2023

Almost $5,000 was contributed at the February 19, 2023 event.   Below are some photos from the event.

April, 2023

Unit 354 raised $419 for Esperanca (now called “Advance”)  during the April tournament for a total of $6931 raised towards our goal of $10,000.

Esperanca Charity Event Feb. 19, 2023
Long Shot
Esperanca Charity Event Feb. 19, 2023
Joann And Ken Titow Overall Winners
Joann and Ken Titow – Overall Winners
Anita And Kathy Booby Prize Winners
Kathy Ashby and Anita McClintock – Booby Prize Winners